Panther Pulling strives to be THE premier amateur level garden tractor pulling association in the Midwest and a gateway for those involved to a greater career in motorsports. We hope to inspire both the young and the young at heart to get involved, start building, and get experience in competition in a family friendly, safe environment.

We encourage families to start small...learn...experiment...
learn better tractors...and evolve into a championship contender,then take that experience forward in their motorsports career.
The possibilities are truly limitless, but you've got to start somewhere,
We invite you to start right here.

Panther Pulling is owned and operated by the Bextermueller family of
St. Charles MO. Our family has a history of garden tractor pulling and has participated in the garden tractor pull held at the St. Charles County Fair for more than 25 years. When the event organizer stepped down in 2006, we choose to fill the position to keep the pull running.

As the fair pull was beginning to grow, we were asked by the pullers to hold more events under the same set of rules. After a long search, we acquired our own sled, scale, and equipment and officially became
"Panther Pulling" in 2009.

Since then we have continued to grow, adding more events and new locations. We would like to thank all of our participants and supporters for staying with us over the years.
Thank you!!

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Who is Panther Pulling?