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Changshu Economic & Technological Development Zone is located in the center of Yangtze Delta, 90km west of Shanghai, 40km north of Suzhou and Kunshan, 40km east of Wuxi and faces Nantong across Yangtze River. Expressways of the Sujiahang (G15w), the Riverside (G15) and the Changkun go across Changshu and the Riverside Railway is under construction. Changshu Port is a state-level international port for both containers and bulk cargoes, connecting with more than 50 countries worldwide…………more>>
Nine types of utilities and leveled land are available in CEDZ
Roads are built to connect everywhere in CEDZ, Tap water, Power, Natural Gas, Industrial Gas, Telecommunication, Steam, Drainage and Sewage Treatment is available in CEDZ, Land is leveled and ready for construction. Changshu Economic And Technological Development Zone js. china
In Changshu, abundant human resources and high-quality talents are available. Changshu has been popularizing the general high school education for over a decade. Nowadays, over 60% of the young people aged 18-22 receives higher education. By now, there are over 90,000 technical personnel of various professionals and over 5,000 college graduates returning to Changshu looking for jobs each year.
Changshu Institute of Technology, a full-time undergraduate institute, has over 10,000 students on campus and over 3,000 science and engineering students graduating from it each year.
Jiangsu Changshu Vocational Education Center School focuses on training mid-senior technical workers, with over 4,000 skilled workers graduating each year.
Riverside Vocational Training School is invested by CEDZ and located inside CEDZ. It provides tailor-made curriculums and trains skilled workers for enterprises in CEDZ, focusing on key industries such as automotive, equipment manufacturing and new material……more>>
Changshu Economic And Technological Development Zone js. china
An integral one-stop service covering "project approval, construction and operation" is carried out to serve and resolve issues for FIEs in CEDZ. The Foreign Investment Service Center serves as a bridge linking foreign investors with the local government. There are thirteen governmental departments within CEDZ which work efficiently together developing close relationships with FIEs as they establish their new company and commence operations.……more>>
Changshu Economic And Technological Development Zone js. chinaThe Riverside New City is planned to be a modern city highly developed in finance, trading, scientific research, IT, habitation, education and tourism with the planning area of 22.5sqkm (the central area is 4.3sqkm) and the population of 300,000. It boasts complete supporting facilities including Riverside International Building, Riverside Branch of Changshu First People's Hospital, Changshu High-tech Venture Park, Riverside Vocational Training School (RVTS), Financial Center, Firefighting Center, Bus Center Station, Pullman Hotel, Botai Hotel, Binjiang Yi Ju Residential Quarter, Binjiang Garden Residential Quarter, Border Custody Barracks, National and Local Tax Services Building, Integrated Space of the Yangtze River Management Office, Riverside Sports Park, etc.……more>>